Good and bad news for Canon fans as EOS R1 and EOS R5 II get rumored launch dates

The Canon EOS R5 camera on a red background
The original Canon EOS R5 (Image credit: Future)

It'll be a quiet CP+ in Japan this month for Canon according to Canon Rumors. No action at 2024's biggest photography trade show will disappoint Canon fans. However, the rumors site also confidently writes that two exciting Canon mirrorless cameras are on the way in 2024 – the long-anticipated Canon EOS R1 flagship and the Canon EOS R5 II.

It's expected for both cameras to be announced in late April or May ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games which takes place over July and August, and for those two latest models to be in the hands of pro photographers during the global sporting event, showcasing what the two professional cameras are truly capable of.

Public availability of the Canon EOS R1 and EOS R5 II, however, will possibly be held back until after Paris has tidied up post-Olympics – that's Q3 of Q4 this year and a long time to wait for those chomping the bit to get their hands on what could be the best Canon cameras ever.

A concept image of the Canon EOS R1

A concept image of the Canon EOS R1 (Image credit: Future)

A long wait heaps the pressure on Canon to deliver

Since EOS R1 rumors first surfaced, the Nikon Z9 claimed TechRadar's best camera of 2022 award, delivering superb performance for pro sports and wildlife photographers and filmmakers. More recently the Sony A9 III dropped the mic as the world's first full-frame camera with global shutter and what promises to be game-changing speed for action and flash photography. 

The pressure is well and truly on for Canon to up the game once more with a flagship camera for sports and wildlife, the EOS R1, and to create distinction from its own EOS R3. Can Canon deliver?

We have been tracking EOS R1 rumors for quite literally years, and the latest rumors suggest it will follow the Z9 lead by eliminating the mechanical shutter and featuring a stacked sensor, albeit with a lower 30MP resolution. Sensor readout should compare with the Z9, meaning no rolling shutter and blistering shooting speeds. 

There could be 40fps with no limit whatsoever until the card fills, 120fps burst shooting with continuous AF, and even a 240fps mode, plus all-new AI-powered autofocus, though it won't be able to shoot 8K video. Those rumored specs read like the EOS R1 could be positioned nicely somewhere between the Nikon Z9 and Sony A9 III.  

Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5 from above (Image credit: Canon)

The Canon EOS R5 was launched in 2020 and it remains one of the best cameras for photography four years later. It was cutting edge back then, and a video-focused EOS R5 C model with the cooling fan was consequently launched, meaning a potential EOS R5 successor has much to do to please Canon fans. 

Long-time rumors site New Camera speculates a potential EOS R5 II will feature a new Quad Pixel autofocus system (possibly the same one that the EOS R1 will have), be the first Canon camera equipped with digital signature tech to combat deepfakes, and boast improved 8K video features. It could also see a bump in resolution from 45MP to 60MP that would seriously pit it against the Sony A7R V for the best all-around mirrorless camera for pros crown.

It's been a while since we've seen genuine Canon mirrorless camera innovation, but 2024 could change that in a big way. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too much longer to find out for sure.  

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