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Cyber Monday 2018 TV deals are here with a vengeance and they're going to save you money hand over fist. That means 4K TVs on the cheap, affordable OLEDs and Quantum Dot QLEDs for a lot less than you'd expect. But the deals are only good until the clock strikes midnight on Cyber Monday so you'll have to act fast.

To help you move it before you lose it, we've compiled a list of the best deals down below with manufacturers like Sony, LG, Samsung, Vizio, TCL, Sceptre and more all present and accounted for. You'll find monstrous 70- and 80-inch screens at a significant discount (one's $10,000 off its regular price), plus a half-dozen sub-$200 screens that are well-worth taking a look at.

Not sure if a TV you see is a great buy or just another run-of-the-mill, soon-to-be-returned bargain? Don't worry, all of the below are solid deals. There are a few screens that aren't quite the phenomenal home entertainment experience we'd expect, but we've placed those in a specially designated Cheap TV section.

Even better, since this is page will regularly be updated with the latest deals, you can check in frequently to get the best Cyber Monday savings throughout the day.

Ready for a primer on the best shopping season of the year? Let's get started.

4K TVs

LG 55SK9000 4K HDR Smart TV:  $1,499 now $896 at Amazon  
OLED a bit out of your price range? LG's 55-inch Super UHD TV is just under a grand this holiday season. While it doesn't have infinite contrast, it does support HDR10 and Dolby Vision, plus it's still a darn good screen for the cash. This deal expires on December 1.  View Deal

Vizio P-Series 65-inch 4K Smart TV: $1,198 now $899 at Best Buy
OK, now we're getting serious. Vizio's performance-based P-Series from 2018 is now on sale over at Best Buy for $300 off the MSRP. That's a 65-inch 4K HDR screen with a pretty bright screen and a SmartCast platform for $899.View Deal

Samsung Curved 65-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV $1,799.99 $1,097.99 at Amazon
Save over $700 on this top-rated Samsung UN65NU8500 4K Smart TV. The Curved NU8500 TV is equipped like its NU8000 Flat sibling but curved for premium viewing. It's a $700 discount.View Deal

Sony 55-inch 4K LED TV (X900F): $1,298 $1,098 at Amazon
Sony's newest quantum dot 4K TV (the XBR55X900F) is also the cheapest you'll find during Cyber Monday weekend, especially when it comes with a $200 discount.View Deal

Samsung 75-inch NU8000 4K TV:  $2,299 $1,597.99 at Best Buy
If you're shooting for a super-sized TV on Cyber Monday weekend, check out this 75-inch Samsung NU8000 Series that's on sale at Best Buy for $700 off the MSRP.View Deal

Samsung 55-inch 4K LED TV 599.99 $397.99 at Best Buy
Want to go a meaningful 5 inches bigger? For just a bit more, you can own the more premium Samsung UN55NU6900 4KTV. (Currently out of stock.)View Deal

TCL 55-inch 4K Smart Roku TV: $599 $349 at Walmart
If you want a 55-inch 4K Roku TV with HDR, TCL makes one of those. It's a great pairing with an Xbox One S, X or PS4 Pro, and it's on sale this weekend at Walmart. (Currently out of stock.)View Deal

LG 86UK6570AUA 4K HDR Smart TV: $3,299 now $2,499 at Best Buy 
If you're looking to get the most screen for your cash this holiday season, LG's 86-inch LED HDR behemoth is on sale this weekend for $800 off the MSRP. Not bad! (Currently out of stock.)View Deal


Samsung QN55Q6FN 55-inch QLED 4K TV: $1499 now $997.99 at Walmart
QLED technology from Samsung is all about combining great color and strong brightness - this isn't the highest-spec OLED rival from Samsung, but the specs suggest it'll perform well enough for most looking to take a step up in TV quality, especially for the lower price.View Deal

Samsung 55-inch QLED 4K HDR Elite Smart TV: $2,199 $1,497.99 at Newegg
The Samsung QN55Q8FNBFXZA might be a mouthful, but all you need to know is this 55-inch 4K HDR TV delivers amazing image quality. Don't miss your chance to save $700 on this brilliant QLED set. Sale ends on November 25.View Deal

LG 65-inch C8 OLED TV: $3,499 now $2,596.99 at Amazon
If you need something a bit bigger, the 65-inch version of the LG C8 OLED is also on sale this holiday season. Like the 55-inch version, this OLED sports 4K plus Dolby Vision and HDR10. It's a fantastic deal on a bigger version of this year's best living room TV.  This deal expires on December 1.  View Deal

LG 55-inch C8 OLED TV: $2,499 now $1,696.99 at Amazon
Near the top of our list for the Best TVs of 2018, the 55-inch LG C8 OLED is a fantastic value. You get outstanding performance and a middle-of-the-road price - and this week it's $800 off the usual $2,499 list price.View Deal

LG 55-inch B8 OLED TV: $2,299 now $1,499 at Walmart
This week, you can grab a refurbished model of LG's entry-level OLED - the B8 - for $800 off the MSRP. It's similar to our favorite OLED of the year, the C8 (featured below) in specs and performance, with the only difference being that the B8 uses last year's processor. If that doesn't bother you, the B8 is great! This deal expires on December 1.  View Deal

Samsung 65-inch Q6FN QLED TV $1,799 $1,297.99 at Best Buy
The Q6FN is Samsung's entry-level QLED TV and the one that most often goes on sale during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday rush. We saw a big discount on last year's Q6F that put the entry-level model at just under $1,000. Now, the Q6FN is on sale for $1,298!  View Deal

Sony 65-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Bravia OLED TV: $3,798 $3,198 at Walmart
The Sony XBR65A8F is a 65-inch OLED 4K TV that features 8-million self-illuminated pixels for crisp contrast and nearly perfect colors. Now's the perfect time to get this 4K TV after a $600 discount.View Deal

Sony 77-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Bravia OLED TV: $17,998 $7,998 at Amazon
The Sony Bravia XBR77A1E may as well be the ultimate 4K OLED TV with a mammoth 77-inch panel and the best image quality in the industry. Unfortunately, this 4K OLED TV often comes at an unreal price, but this $10,000 discount makes it a more approachable purchase.View Deal

Cheap TVs

Sceptre 55-inch 4K LED TV (U550CV-U): $399 $249 at Walmart
Sceptre's flagship Cyber Monday deal is its 55-inch U550CV-U LED TV for $150 off the regular price over at Walmart. It has four HDMI ports (all of which are HDMI 2.0) and two 10-watt built-in speakers. It doesn't have the best refresh rate (60Hz) and a low dynamic contrast, but it's still a good value at $249.View Deal

Sceptre 50-inch 1080p LED TV (X505BV): $349 $199 at Walmart
If you don't mind dropping down to a 1080p resolution, Sceptre is also offering a substantial discount on its X505BV LED TV - it's available this weekend for $150 off its regular $349 price over at Walmart. It only has three HDMI ports but offers a much better dynamic contrast ratio of 25,000:1. Again, it's a steal at $199.View Deal

Sceptre 32-inch 720p LED TV (X322BV): $179 $89 at Walmart
Sceptre's lowest Cyber Monday sale is on its 32-inch 720p X322BV LED TV. It's got the lowest resolution of the bunch, but at this small of a screen size, you don't need much higher. If you've got a spare bedroom that needs another screen, this is a good option at a great price.View Deal

Toshiba 50-inch 4K HDR Smart LED TV (Fire TV Edition): $399 $299 at Amazon
This is the cheapest big-screen, 4K HDR smart television set you'll find on sale during Cyber Monday weekend and you'll surely not want to miss it while its going for a $100 off deal.View Deal

Samsung M5300 50-inch 1080p Smart TV: $497.99 $297.99 at B&H
For those that want a TV of a decent size without too much of the glitz and glamor, this gem from Samsung is ideal. Just 50 inches of 1080p visuals with all the streaming apps you need.View Deal

Insignia 1080p Smart LED TV (Fire TV Edition): $249 $189 at Amazon
This Full HD Smart TV was already incredibly affordable, but this $60 discount makes it exceedingly cheap. It doesn't have the sharpest picture next to modern 4K sets, but it could be perfect for adding a second or third Internet-connected screen to your home.View Deal

Insignia 32-inch 720p TV $149.99 now $119.99 at Best Buy  
OK, the Insignia 32-inch 720p TV isn't going to win any awards - especially up against the OLEDs or QLEDs on this list, but if you need the absolute cheapest screen money can buy, this is it.View Deal

Samsung 32-inch FHD TV $279.99 now $197.99 at Walmart  
It's not very big, but it's hard to find a better deal than the Samsung UN32N5300 - available this week at Walmart for $197.99. If you need a second screen, this 1080p, 60Hz TV will do nicely!View Deal

TCL 43-inch 4K Smart Roku TV: $389 $249 at Walmart
Now, 55- and 65-inch TVs are great, but sometimes you need something a bit more manageable for a second bedroom. That's where this 43-inch TCL Roku TV comes in. It still has 4K and HDR support, but it's smaller and more affordable than any other screen on our list.View Deal

Samsung 43-inch 4K Smart TV (NU6900): $379 $279.99 at Best Buy
If you'd prefer a Samsung screen and smart platform over a TCL and Roku, you can find a great deal on Samsung's 2018 NU6900 series over at Best Buy. It's a 43-inch 4K HDR TV for $277. View Deal

Samsung 50-inch 4K UHD Smart TV: $449.99 now $327.99 at Newegg
You can save over $100 on this 50-inch smart TV that will deliver a clear picture that's 4x the resolution of Full HD. (Currently out of stock.)View Deal

When is Black Friday 2018?

Black Friday falls on November 23 2018 - i.e. the day after Thanksgiving. 

Deals will continue through the weekend and culminate in the online shopping day we know as Cyber Monday, which happens on November 26 2018.

While we'll see the biggest deals on Friday and Monday, there's sure to be a number of deals dropping throughout the month of November leading up to Turkey Day. You can also count on a number of the best deals lasting through the holiday weekend - which means if you happen to miss Friday, Saturday and Sunday should still pack some of the better deals we're going to see all year.

And of course after that, it's basically Christmas, so it's not like the flurry of deals will completely die up when you hit December.

How to get the best Cyber Monday TV deals

You're off to a good start just by being here right now. 

But in all seriousness, you'll find the best Cyber Monday TV deals by constantly scanning deal pages like these looking for 'flash sales' - deals that only last a few minutes but typically have the best prices on the stuff you're looking for. They sell out fast, especially when it's for something like a 65-inch 4K TV.

It's also a good idea to keep in mind a clear picture of what you're looking for. Chances are you don't just want any old TV - you want something at a certain size and maybe even from a manufacturer you trust. If that's the case, you'll have to do a little extra legwork to find the best deal on your dream screen but, trust us, you'll be happier having done the work.

If you can, you should also get a good idea of what TVs are new for 2018. To help with that part, we've put together guides to the 2018 line-ups of Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL and Vizio TVs, with descriptions of each TV.

It's also worth noting that the larger or more expensive sets will be the most likely to get massive reductions, and a few hundred off a $1,500 screen is the difference between purchase and an unclimbable paywall. More mid-range (sub-$1,000) sets will also be getting sizeable discounts, though if you're looking at budget offerings there's only so much cheaper they can go.

Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Newegg, and Amazon will be your best friends, but don't discount other outlets like Costco, Fry's, Abt and Crutchfield - many of whom will offer the same deals as the big box stores but with plenty more units in stock.

What to look for in a new TV

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is now considered a general standard for modern televisions and allows for a richer, more vivid picture quality. So if you're buying a new set you'll probably want this included. 

There'll also be a lot of retailers shouting about '4K UHD' television displays. While having a 4K display isn't as crucial as HDR – there's only so much content available in 4K, after all – it will generally be found in higher quality sets, and might be good future-proofing if you're planning to hold onto this television for a while.

It goes without saying that 'smart' features like integrated apps, streaming services and browsers are now built right into most TVs nowadays – but just in case, check that you're getting a connected set that lets you access all these modern features. For what exactly this entails, we have a more fleshed out guide to each smart TV platform too.

Stick with TechRadar to get the best Cyber Monday deals

All that said, you can count on TechRadar to be here with you every step of the way to Black Friday/Cyber Monday. We'll be scoping out the best deals and talking to manufacturers to see when those deals might hit. We'll post what we find and keep the above list as up-to-date as we can leading up to the holidays. 

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