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Asus EN8800 GT TOP review

A powerful performer, but a bit rough around the edges

Is the Asus EN8800 GT TOP worth its asking price?

Our Verdict

A strong performance, but you'd expect more for the price


  • Powerful performance
  • Fast


  • Too expensive
  • Doesn't seem to be performing to its full potential

None of the other cards on test would clock as highly as the Asus card without starting to actually slow down performance. With its whopping 700MHz clock speed, 2GHz memory and 1,750MHz shader engine you'd expect it to be a clear winner in all our tests, and to a certain degree it is, although things aren't quite as clear cut as all that.

In several cases the EN8800 GT TOP just doesn't appear to have been performing at its peak, and even though it is generally at the top of the benchmarking table, we did notice a few blips here and there during testing.

This is, however, the most consistently improved over the stock Club 3D card, and comes with a copy of Company of Heroes: Opposing Force as well as a natty CD holder. Is that enough to justify the £65 price difference? In a word: No.