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Asus X82Q review

The Asus X82Q offers usability, but its lack of key features makes it poor value for money

Our Verdict

Although this is aimed at the corporate user, we can't help feeling it's a little overpriced for the money in comparison to some other laptops around


  • Good usability
  • Nice screen


  • Overpriced
  • Poor multi-tasking

The Asus X82Q is a smart, usable laptop built primarily for the business market. While not bursting with features, it gets the basics right, but compared to other laptops at this price point, it's expensive for what's on offer.

The 14.1-inch 1280 x 800-pixel screen isn't the most impressive we have seen, but it is bright and sharp enough to be used for reading word documents or analysing spreadsheets. There is a Super-TFT covering, which means reflections could prove distracting in bright lighting conditions – when on a train, for example.

The inclusion of an Intel GMA 4500M GPU means the laptop is not suited to either gaming or multimedia operations, although it does help to offer a reasonable battery life of over 200 minutes.


The 2.3kg chassis is uninspiring, but inoffensive. Built from solid black plastics, it features a mottled pattern and a shiny lid which is thick enough to provide good protection for the screen and doesn't show up fingerprints or smears.

Good usability

The keyboard is well designed. The keys are comfortably spread out, firm and balanced, providing a good typing experience – which is crucial in a business laptop. The touchpad is very responsive, with the scroll feature particularly impressing with its smoothness.

The 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo chip is the staple processor of many laptops in this price range, but performance fell behind that of its rivals. As a result, we noticed that multi-tasking caused a significant drop in performance.

The 250GB hard drive, although average when compared to its rivals, provides ample room for all your work-related files and also any music or movies you may have, so you'll have plenty to occupy yourself on journeys if not working.

Targeted at corporate users, the Asus also boasts good connectivity. The latest 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter is in place, and while this is now fairly standard, it means high-speed wireless internet connections are available using compatible hotspots. For fixed connections, the 10/100 Ethernet isn't as fast as the Gigabit connections found on most rivals.

The X82Q is reasonably well-provisioned however, with an ExpressCard slot and three USB ports providing room for peripherals, and also a VGA-out port for connecting to an external monitor. There is also an integrated camera which can be used for VoIP video calling.

While the Asus X82Q delivers as a business machine, it is overpriced, especially when considering its limited features. For this money we expect more from a laptop, both in terms of features and performance.

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