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Schiller and Forstall listed as potential witnesses in Apple vs Samsung retrial

Phil Schiller
See you November, Phil

Ding, ding, ding! Fight!

Round 2 (or is it Round 3?) of last year's Apple vs Samsung court battle re-enters the ring on Nov. 12, and according to a report from PC World, it's shaping up to be another high-profile bout.

Spotted in a potential witness list is Phil Schiller, Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing. While perhaps not a surprise witness, Scott Forstall, former vice president of iOS, may also take the stand.

Perhaps a lawyer (from either Samsung or Apple) will ask him to explain the Apple Maps disaster?

'Round and around we go

Susan Kare, a designer who was part of the early Mac team, is listed as a witness as well. She, Forstall and Schiller all testified during the trial that saw Apple awarded over $1 billion (about £62.3m, AU$1.06b) in damages from Samsung before Koh chopped that figure by about $450 million (about £280m, AU$477m).

While considered by some a proxy fight for the real battle of global gadget domination, the retrial will have very real consequences as Apple seeks to win back some of the damages Koh threw out due to jury error.

Tune into TechRadar Nov. 12 as the jury trial kicks off. Again.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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