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HappyWakeUp smart alarm clock promises easier mornings

Less sleep means better mornings, with HappyWakeUp
Less sleep means better mornings, with HappyWakeUp

Technology can now help you find the right side of the bed to get out from every morning, in the form of the HappyWakeUp smart alarm clock application for S60 mobiles.

Simply pop your phone under your pillow and HappyWakeUp will use its microphone to listen to the slight noises and movements you make while sleeping.

It then uses statistical analysis to decide when your sleep rhythms reach a natural 'almost awake' state, and will wake you gently at that moment - up to 20 minutes before your latest-possible alarm time.

Sleep yourself fit

"The alarm signal during deep sleep is stressful and familiar to everyone, but with the smart alarm clock this is avoided," says sleep specialist Dr Tapani Salmi of the Tampere University of Technology in Finland.

"Continuous use of the clock helps the internal clock in your brain learn the proper sleep rhythms. Pleasant mornings help avoid stress in your body and brain. Elevated stress-levels are associated with several risk factors and even diseases, such as hypertension and problems with the heart and brain."

The cost of avoiding future 'brain problems'? A mere 2 Euros (£1.60) for a one-week trial period, with a full license costing 50 Euros (£40). More details at