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You can use this watch to talk directly to Amazon's Alexa


Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant technology is best known for being within your home on the Amazon Echo, but it's now coming to your wrist as well.

The new CoWatch is a smartwatch with Alexa waiting inside so you can ask questions or control your connected home directly from your wrist.

The watch comes with a Super AMOLED touchscreen as well as a premium looking design with either black or silver stainless steel bracelets.

Hello, Alexa

You can track your activity with the wearable with step tracking as well as a heart rate monitor. CoWatch also claims to have 32 hours of battery life.

Amazon now allows developers to take control of Alexa's voice technology. It released the Amazon Voice Service in 2015 to allow developers to play around with the technology and integrate it into other devices.

The CoWatch is the first wearable product to be announced with Alexa integration, but it may not be the last.

CoWatch is up for pre-order soon with early-bird pricing available for all those who sign up via the official website.