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Next generation Asus ZenWatch 2 is coming soon with epic battery life

Asus ZenWatch
The ZenWatch was a good first attempt

Jerry Shen, the CEO of Asustek, has revealed in a conversation with Focus Taiwan that the second-generation ZenWatch will be showcased at Computex Taipei, which is scheduled for June 2-6.

That's just weeks away, but while it will be shown off then it's not set to go on sale until early in the third quarter, which likely means sometime in July.

We were fairly fond of the original Asus ZenWatch, but there was certainly room for improvement and we're hoping for big things from the Asus ZenWatch 2.

Juiced up

It could be one of 2015's most exciting smartwatches as it apparently has a battery life of almost four days, which is nearly double that of the original Asus ZenWatch, not to mention almost every other smartwatch around. That's impressive, but it's actually lower than the seven day life Shen had apparently hoped for.

It's unknown what else will be different, but the original ZenWatch had fairly large bezels, a pixelated screen and could have stood to be more comfortable. Like most smartwatches its fitness features were also a little lacking, so if the Asus ZenWatch 2 can fix any or all of those issues that would be a good start.

Via Focus Taiwan