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Samsung investing in 'viable' big screen OLED TVs

Samsung: OLED is a go
Samsung: OLED is a go

Samsung has announced a major investment in OLED, with the Korean giant keen to bring the long-heralded display technology to mass market big-screen televisions.

According to Samsung Korea, Samsung will invest a reported £1.5 billion on an AMOLED assembly line with the goal of reducing the cost of the technology.

The Korean giants are desperate to bring the price of OLED down, so that much bigger screen sizes are possible without breaking the bank.

Phone displays

Currently AMOLED is most heavily used in phone displays, where the small size keeps production costs down, but the high-contrast, high-quality displays would be a major boon for televisions.

And Samsung is prepared to put its money where its mouth is after Brian Berkeley, vice president of OLED R&D Center, insisted that: "Large-size OLED TVs are viable."

"We have significantly improved yields and line efficiency," Berkeley told EETimes. "Material development has been accelerated, backplane technology improved and a number of advancements [have been] made in color patterning."

Via Oled-display