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You might unlock your next Mac with Touch ID on your iPhone

Touch ID

Touch ID fingerprint reading has been a long rumored feature to come to the next generation of MacBooks, however, Apple may be working on a way to remotely login an iPhone.

MacRumors reports Apple engineers are working on exactly such a feature for OS X 10.12. Instead of having to type in passwords all the time, iPhones will supposedly send an unlock signal over a Bluetooth Low-Energy (LE) when users tap on the iPhone Touch ID button.

The Apple Watch currently uses the same unlocking method, so the Cupertino company could potentially use the same methodology for its computer systems.

There's no mention of whether OS X built-in password manager, Keychain, will also interact with the remote Touch ID authentication. However, easier access to the Mac App Store seems like a likely shoe-in.

We expect OS X 10.12 to debut at the WWDC 2016 and until then stay tuned to this space.

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