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Samsung's new trademarks suggest lots more massive TVs are on the way soon

We were blown away when we saw Samsung's massive 146-inch TV, dubbed 'The Wall', at CES earlier this year, but a pair of new trademarks suggest the company's experimentation with absolutely massive TVs is just getting started. 

LetsGoDigital has unearthed a couple of new brand name registrations, 'Super Size TV' and 'Giant TV'. 

The registrations were filed with the EU's Intellectual Property Office and follow on from an earlier registration for 'Micro QLED TV'. 

Moving beyond 'The Wall'

It's currently unclear exactly what products Samsung could be planning on using these names with. 

The obvious answer is that these are potential names that 'The Wall' could have when it eventually comes to market, but these could also be names that the company is planning on using for a new bigger-screen range of its existing Quantum Dot LCD TVs. 

However, with companies like Samsung filing dozens of these trademarks every year, and with The Wall not set to see a release any time soon, these brand names are unlikely to be with us for a while.