Samsung has teased its 2018 QLED TV range, before big New York unveiling


Samsung has teased the New York launch of its 2018 range of QLED TVs with a flash teaser trailer. 

The launch will take place at 11am EST on March 7, 2018 in New York at the American Stock Exchange in Manhattan.

As it’s only a teaser trailer, there isn’t much more information than that. We know that there are going to numerous sets on offer, but that’s really no surprise.

Innovating in 'brand new ways'

Included alongside the video (below) is a vague statement about Samsung’s progress: “Throughout the continuous evolution of its technology, Samsung always designs its products around the lifestyles of its customers. The new QLED TVs will do this in brand-new ways for 2018.”

Whether ‘brand-new ways’ refers to any leap forward in the technology in QLED or is simply marketing spin is yet to be seen, but given the high quality of the 2017 range (especially the Q9F), we’re definitely interested to see what improvements Samsung has made.

We’ll be attending the event in New York and will share with you all the releases as they happen.