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New iPhone spells end of days for BlackBerry

Trouble in paradise for RIM?

The forthcoming iPhone improvements are likely to haemorrhage marketshare from RIM's Blackberry.

That's according to analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham & Co, who predicts that when Apple releases its iPhone 2.0 firmware upgrade in the next few months, the device will become a far more viable alternative to the Blackberry and should command a significant portion of the enterprise market.

BlackBerry plucked?

"BlackBerry is currently the front-runner in the consumer smartphone market in part because it met the criteria for success in this market and in part because its competitors until quite recently were simply inept," the Needham researcher elaborates.

"Their failure stemmed less from their ability to design sleek phones than in their choice of an operating system on which to run them."

But once Apple allows third-party apps to run on the iPhone and releases the upgrades enterprises have been waiting for, Wolf predicts there will be trouble in paradise for RIM by the third quarter and beyond.

Apple did not comment on the analyst's prediction, but judging by the number of similar suggestions, RIM and Palm may want to get to work.