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Mossberg says 3G iPhone due in 60 days

Apple's iPhone could be getting an upgrade before you know it

Speaking at a executive summit late last week, popular Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg told those gathered that a 3G


will be made available in 60 days.

Mossberg's off-hand remark came as a surprise to those listening to him speak. And although no sources were cited, the columnist seemed quite certain about the iPhone's eventual release during his discussion on the inadequate state of internet access in the US.

'It will be 3G in 60 days'

"We all know that when the iPhone came out, it became crystal-clear that you were going to be able to carry in your pocket something that would give you a very good video experience," Mossberg told those in attendance at the summit.

"But again, broadband on these mobile phone networks is limited and I'm not talking about the fact that iPhone isn't 3G, it will be 3G in 60 days."

Mossberg's statement echoes what many have been saying for the past few weeks, though Apple has yet to confirm or deny the claims. But as the Worldwide Developer Conference gets closer, look for the rumour mill to crank up a notch about the eventual release of a 3G iPhone.