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Vodafone unveils G-Maps Twitter mashup

Vodafone plots your holidays this summer
Vodafone plots your holidays this summer

Vodafone has announced a Twitter and Google Maps mashup that lets you Tweet where you're going on holiday and have it plotted on a map.

Heading over to will let you see where the world is jetting off to, and a list of the trending Tweets to see what people are chatting about holiday-wise.

Users have to input #ukhols into their Tweet, their age, sex, the first half of their postcode and where they are going this year.

From snow to sun

It was set up by Ben Marsh, who created a similar thing with the #uksnow hashtag, allowing people to tweet their post code and amount of snow to create a more accurate snowfall map.

Vodafone has set up the service to not only trend where people are going, how old they are and where they're setting off from, but to also promote its roaming charge drop this summer, where users can now have the Passport service (which essentially lets you take your price plan abroad for no extra cost) for three months with no set-up charge.

More to follow, but if you want to see where people are heading abroad this summer, check out the site now.