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Vodafone offers iPhone customers sat-nav app

Vodafone - sat nav bolt-on
Vodafone - sat nav bolt-on

Vodafone has launched a Navigation App for the iPhone, offering turn-by-turn instructions for an extra £3 a month on your contract.

The Vodafone Navigation App is available for free, although to get access to the information needed to run it you will need to be a Vodafone customer and pay either £3 a month for the duration of your contract, or £5 month by month.

"Vodafone today announced its Vodafone Navigation App is now available from the App Store," said Vodafone.

"The app provides turn-by-turn navigation, with voice instructions and speed camera alerts, for any location in the UK meaning Vodafone customers now have the option to never be lost again."

Apparently it is at the end of April 2010 that Vodafone customers can decide to keep the app for the length of their contract or choose to take it on a monthly basis.

Vodafone 360 People Sync App

The service provider has also announced a second app, with the 360 People Sync App allowing you to 'seamlessly' sync your contacts between your old phone and your sparkly new Apple handset.

Customers can sync contacts from almost 500 phones to iPhone so no-one need ever lose a contact again. Customers can check whether a phone is supported by registering for an account at