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Turn your old mobiles into flowers

Researchers at the University of Warwick have devised a way to compost old mobile phones and transform them into flowers.

The University’s Manufacturing Group, in conjunction with PVAXX Research & Development Ltd, have figured out a novel way of dealing with one of the most quickly discarded gadgets of modern times – the mobile phone.

Led by Dr Kerry Kirwan, the University of Warwick team has created a mobile telephone case or cover that when discarded can simply be placed in compost in such a way that just weeks later the case will begin to disintegrate and turn into a flower.

Here’s the science bit

A special biodegradable polymer range was developed which has both a high quality finish and, importantly, also biodegrades easily in compost.

Next up, researchers in the University of Warwick's horticultural research arm inserted a dwarf sunflower seed into a small transparent window in the mobile’s case that will not germinate until the phone cover or case is recycled.

Et voila! No more bottom drawers full of old, useless handsets or depressing trips to the mobile phone recycling bank required. Merely plant your old handsets in the garden and wait for them to sprout.