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Samsung readying new Corby Folder

The Samsung Corby Folder
The Samsung Corby Folder

Samsung's plans to stay at the cutting-edge of the low cost handset market look like continuing after press shots of the Corby Folder leaked out.

The new phone, which is shown for the Korean market, but would likely be re-released under a new name for the UK, is a low cost clamshell design.

However, there is a 3MP camera on the rear, and a VGA one on the front - possibly for video calling.

3G uprising

If this is the case, it would mean the Corby Folder would also have 3G on board, which would bump the price up a tad.

Other little tidbits of info include a microSD card slot and Bluetooth, and a variety of colours on offer too.

We'll await more information about a UK release date, but the success of the Genio range would hint that this design shouldn't be too long behind a Korean launch.

Via Samsung Hub