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Samsung memory makes phones and tablets 4 times faster

Samsung memory makes phones and tablets 4x faster
Zoom, zoom, zoom

Samsung has started to mass-produce its new mobile flash memory, which it claims is four times faster than what's currently in phones and tablets.

The Korean firm confirmed in a press release that it will be churning out 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions of its "ultra-fast embedded memory for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices".

The not-so-classy sounding Samsung Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) Pro Class 1500 will improve performance and user experience of future devices,with better web browsing, video playback and capture in both 3D and HD, slicker multitasking and graphically rich gaming.

Slender chips for thinner designs

As well as offering three storage size options, Samsung also offers the memory chips in two, four and eight-die stacks, with the 64GB memory available at just 1.2mm in depth.

The reason for the variety of sizes is, Samsung claims, "to meet the market need for thinner designs for high-end mobile devices."

The eMMC has been around since January 2010, but only now has Samsung managed to start mass-producing the mobile memory, so expect to see it feature in a whole host of devices in 2013, and possible a few before this year is out.

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