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Samsung i8910HD 1GHZ rumour debunked

Samsung's i8910 isn't any faster after all
Samsung's i8910 isn't any faster after all

Last week's picture of the Samsung i8910 HD with a 1GHz processor has been sadly proven to be a mistake.

Samsung representatives in India were proudly displaying the phone with the processor specs, but we called the claim into question after it was called the OmniaHD, a name dropped by Samsung.

According to GSM Arena, the representatives at the event had actually combined the speed of the processor on the i8910HD (600MHz) with the speed of the sound processing chip (a 420 MHz DSP effort) to come up with the number.

Accidental combination

Although both do handle ever-so-slightly similar tasks, you can perhaps see where the mistake was made, but there's no way the average consumer would ever be able to feel that benefit unless they hated the way brands packaged their sound processing units.

So, no 1GHz processor on a Samsung phone for now (it looks like the Samsung Jet, with its 800MHz effort is still the fastest, although we're not sure it actually feels that much better) leaving the Snapdragon-enabled Toshiba TG01 as the fastest phone on the market still.