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Samsung Galaxy S gets Ice Cream Sandwich features

Samsung Galaxy S gets Ice Cream Sandwich features
Galaxy S 'Value Pack' - every little helps

The Samsung Galaxy S will receive some Ice Cream Sandwich features in a 'value pack' upgrade.

Samsung has already confirmed that the Galaxy S is not compatible with the latest Android 4.0 upgrade, unlike its big brother the Galaxy S2.

The upgrade has only been released in Korea so far, and brings with it features such as Face Unlock, picture capture during filming and various launcher improvements.

Nothing special to report

Nothing from the update is going to set your heart racing and turn your Galaxy S into a new phone, but it is good to see Samsung making a commitment to its older devices.

There's currently no word on which countries the Galaxy S update will arrive in, but we'd expect it to reach major markets across the world.

Has Samsung made enough commitment to the Galaxy S, or should it be trying harder to get Ice Cream Sandwich onto the device? Let us know in the comment box below.

From Samsung via Engadget