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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo confirmed, but it's not coming to the UK

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite confirmed, but it's not coming to the UK
But just how 'Lite' will we be talking?

Updated: Samsung has confirmed to TechRadar that Samsung's upcoming phablet is actually called the Galaxy Note 3 Neo after all.

TechRadar was told earlier today that the device's official name was the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite, however we've now been informed that there was some confusion between Samsung and its spokespeople, and the name is actually the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

A spokesperson for the Korean firm also told us the device "will not be coming to the UK market." However, we weren't able to get any more information on where it will be available.

We've been informed that this is the very same Galaxy Note 3 Neo handset that we've been hearing about.

Neo enters the Matrix

The Note 3 Neo has been showing up in various leaks, the latest of which included a bunch of purported press shots from a Belgian retailer.

Nothing more on the specs for now, but there's talk that this could be the first hexa-core handset with both a 1.7GHz dual-core and a 1.3GHz quad-core processor.