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Nissan's magic paint stops phone scratches

DoCoMo phones
DoCoMo phones will be pretty much scratchproof thanks to Nissan

Makers of protective gadget covers should probably look away now if they want to avoid the shock of learning about Nissan's role in rendering all their products redundant.

The car giant's Scratch Shield paint that it already uses on various vehicles sold across the globe has just been licensed to NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile phone operator, which intends to use it on all its new handsets.

Clear resin

Scratch Shield is a clear paint that contains a resin with the ability to 'rebound' and push out marks made on its surface. Nissan claims it can work its magic on cars overnight for small scratches or across the course of a week for larger wounds.

Given that the new coating improves the durability of surfaces in any case, it seems makers of protective shields already on the market might want to start looking at other lines of business pretty soon.

Via Autoblog