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New i6500 Samsung Android phone leaks out

Samsung revs up the Android train
Samsung revs up the Android train

Samsung looks set to release a new Android mobile to complement the two already available in Europe.

The new i6500 Saturn is reportedly going to pack a faster processor than the i7500 Galaxy, the most feature rich handset on the Samsung Android range, going from 528MHz to the 800MHz processor used in the Samsung Jet.

However, the model number would suggest otherwise, and would place the phone somewhere between the i7500 Galaxy and i5700 Spica, which is currently available in Scandinavia.

Working with Wi-Fi

The new phone was discovered in a Wi-Fi standards testing certificate, which makes sense as all Android phones need Wi-Fi connectivity to be able to use the Android Market.

No more information is currently available on the phone, although an early price of €300 (£270) is being bandied about.

We're also looking to find out when the new Spica will be unveiled in the UK, as we're always looking for some cheaper Android phones to swell the market.

Via Unwired View