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LG to scrap Windows Phone line?

It seems Nokia's tie-in with Microsoft on its mobile OS is causing other manufacturers to consider their Windows Phone future.

LG is the first manufacturer to openly state it's looking at making less of a commitment to the tile-based OS, due to the lack of sales worldwide.

Speaking on an earnings call, LG confirmed that it has no intentions to make another Windows Phone handset in the near future, but will continue to evaluate the platform through its R&D platform.

According to the Korea Herald, LG said: "The total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure," with no more plans to bring out another LG-monikered handset on Microsoft's platform.

Brighter than the rest

Nokia has been the most visible manufacturer on the Windows Phone platform since signing a collaboration with the brand a year ago, in a move some believed would alienate others like HTC and Samsung.

However, since then both those companies have pledged further Windows Phone handsets, and the likes of Fujitsu and ZTE have joined the ranks too – which makes LG's decision something of an anomaly despite the lacklustre sales figures its quoting.

Will this see the beginning of an exodus from the Windows Phone platform, or will Apollo (WP8) help entice LG back to the fold when it launches?