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LG's next Chocolate leaked in video

LG's new BL20 Chocolate video
LG's new BL20 Chocolate video

Fresh from being shown off at IFA, LG's next Chocolate phone - the BL20 - has been promoted in a new, leaked video.

We not sure how unofficial the leak is, given that we saw the exact same thing happen with the recent LG BL40 Chocolate phone.

But the new BL20 certainly looks the part as the BL40's cheaper little brother, with a super slim design while still bringing a sliding keypad.

There's a 'hidden' touch sensitive key section, much the same as the original Chocolate, and a camera with Schneider-Kreuznach lensed 5MP camera on the back.

A widget hotkey gives access to elements like weather, news and the calendar, and the whole thing is based on LG's proprietary S-Class interface.

The side of the phone houses touch sensitive slider controls, and the piece de resistance (well, sort of) is the ability to scan memo text and capture it for future use on the phone.

We're awaiting news on the new phone from LG (with the UK branch still staying tight-lipped on it, despite showing it on LG's stand at IFA) so we're hoping it debuts before the year is out.