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GyPSii: Social networking for your mobile phone

GyPSii today launched a new location-based social net working system to work on mobile phones.

GyPSii’s location-based service makes it possible to find people, places, content and events in your local area. Like other social networking sites, it also lets you share photos, videos, audio and links with your contacts.

New dimension

“The real time location-based element of GyPSii adds a new dimension to the social networking phenomenon. The device we all carry in our pocket, our mobile phone, is now empowered to record your life; where you are and what you do, and share it in real-time within your chosen social networking communities,” said Dan Harple, founder and CEO.

You’ll be able to see which of your contacts are nearby, what they’re doing and what you could get up to this evening thanks to the listings page on GyPSii.

The application is compatible with Windows Mobile and BlackBerry phones as well as selected Nokia handsets, including the Nokia N95, Nokia N73, Nokia N82 and the Nokia 6110 Navigator.

The GyPSii software is free to download straight to your mobile phone from You can also download it from a phone browser over the air at