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Google VP says Voice will come to Apple iPhone

iPhone will get Google voice 'on way or the other' says Google VP
iPhone will get Google voice 'on way or the other' says Google VP

Google's VP of Engineering has said that the company's Google Voice application will come to the Apple iPhone at some point soon "one way or the other" despite Apple's prevaricating.

Google's Vic Gundotra was speaking at TechCrunch's 'Crunchies' award ceremony this week and commented on the situation with Google Voice on iPhone, following Apple's decision to refuse to allow the app on its handset last year.

Gundotra's suggestion that it would arrive at some point, by hook or by crook, strongly indicates that it may be re-worked as a web-based app, should Apple continue to decline to approve the stand-alone iPhone app.

Apple-Google Disconnect

Venturebeat notes that there is an ongoing disconnect between the two tech giants, and how "Apple says it "continues to study" the application and hasn't approved it because it may "alter the iPhone's distinctive user experience by replacing the iPhone's core mobile telephone functionality," according to a letter to the FCC .

For its part, Google says that Apple did reject the app because it "duplicated the core dialer functionality", according to another FCC letter.