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Samsung mobile chief says Galaxy S4 core numbers a non-issue

Galaxy S4 quad-core or 8-core? Samsung Mobile chief says: Who cares?
It's not a core issue, says Samsung chief

Prospective Samsung Galaxy S4 owners shouldn't be too bothered whether the handset has a quad-core or octa-core processor, according to the company's mobile boss J.K. Shin.

Samsung affronted European and US-based smartphone fans when it announced the regions would get a 1.9GHz quad-core version of the Galaxy S4 handset, rather than the new Exynos 5 octa-core processor.

However, despite the eight-core variant wiping the floor with the quad-core Snapdragon device in recent benchmarking tests, Samsung Mobile Head Shin said most folks on the street won't notice a difference.

Shin informed CNET that the average customer wouldn't be affected as Samsung had chosen an alternative chipset which would offer a similar experience.

It's a supply issue

Shin also shed light on why different versions of the devices would be launching with different processing units.

Speculation had suggested a lack of 4G support in the Exynos 5 technology - which has since been rectified - was the reason for its exclusion in the UK and US models.

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However, Shin says its simply a supply issue: "We use multiple different sources. It's a sourcing issue," he told CNET.