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Don't take a selfie with a grizzly bear, says Russia

Happy Selfie
Happy Selfie

Russians are seriously hurting themselves in the pursuit of the perfect selfie and, obviously, the police want it to stop.

Police in Russia have started a new campaign to stop people injuring themselves after 10 deaths and 100 injuries occurred whilst taking self portraits in the last year alone.

A new set of rules tells the Russian public how to pose to take the perfect selfie without endangering themselves. Lessons include don't pose with dangerous animals, weapons or posing in front of moving trains.

Just stop it

Russia Safe Selfie rules

In May this year a 21-year-old woman accidentally shot herself in the head, and survived, whilst taking a photo. Another teenager died climbing a railway bridge and landing on electrical wires, all for the perfect shot.

There's also the story of two young men pulling the pin on a grenade to take that shareable snap. Sadly neither survived.

Russia knows it has a problem here and hopefully it can educate people to be a little smarter and realise Instagram likes aren't worth your life.

Via The Guardian