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Cloud meets iCloud: Final Fantasy 7 arrives on iOS

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 is finally seeing its release on iOS today, and interestingly, this version of the game will allow you to turn off enemy encounters.

Square Enix had announced back in June during E3 that Final Fantasy 7 would be making its way to iOS by the end of summer.

In this iOS version of the game, you'll be using a virtual controller, with the choice between a virtual analogue control or a fixed 4-way digital control pad.

And as stated above, you'll also essentially be able to cheat through the game with the ability to turn off enemy encounters and area maps.

You can also switch on Max Stats, which will let you power up our character without having to fight any enemies - needed if you turn off enemy encounters.

Square Enix says that these two features will help make playing the game easier and more convenient. And should make the game much more accessible, as well as help gamers focus more directly on the story.

Final Fantasy 7 is available for both iPhone and iPad for $19.99 (£11.99/AU$19.99), though you'll need to have an iPhone 5S, a third-gen iPad, a iPad Mini 2 or any later model, and at least iOS 8.0 or later to play.

Via Engadget