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Amazon purchases its own Siri rival

Kindle Fire
Could Amazon integrate a Siri rival on a future Kindle Fire

Amazon may be planning to integrate its own version of the Siri personal assistant into Kindle gadgets, after purchasing a speech recognition company.

Reports suggest Amazon has picked-up the Charlotte-based Yap voice-to-text start-up, after a local newspaper picked-up on a filing to the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange commission).

Yap, which remains in private Beta will transcribe voicemails among other things, but shut-down it's public transcription service late last month, perhaps with the Amazon purchase in mind.

Amazon has not commented on the reported purchase, in fact the transaction officially went through under the name of a company registered to an building.

Jumping on the bandwagon

Amazon's presumed plans to integrate Yap into its own services comes after Apple launched the iPhone 4S last month with the impressive Siri personal assistant.

Google has also invested heavily in voice-recognition in recent times with speech-to-text an important part of its ecosystem and the Google Translate app earning great reviews.

Via TechCrunch, The Atlantic