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2 million pre-orders already for Samsung Jet

The Samsung Jet is a big seller
The Samsung Jet is a big seller

Samsung's latest addition to the mobile family, the Jet S8000, has already gained two million pre orders according to the company.

This means it's likely to eclipse the success of the Tocco range as well as usurping the reach of the Omnia flagship brand as well.

The likes of LG, with its Arena, have also performed well on pre-order, though not reaching the level Samsung has with the new Jet.

It's currently unclear whether these figures take into account the countries, such as the UK, which already have the phone available for purchase, and for not too many notes either.

Fastest in the west

The new Jet, with its 3.1-inch VGA AMOLED touchscreen has been dubbed the fastest phone on the market at the moment thanks to an 800MHz processor chugging away under the hood.

However, some have been quick to criticise the new phone, dubbed 'Smarter than Smartphone' by the Samsters, as its TouchWiz proprietary UI is a little under powered for some tastes.

Still, that hasn't deterred Samsung labelling the phone 'better than the iPhone' so it will be interesting to see if it sells as well around the globe.

Via Unwired View