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3 spurns the new LG Prada II handset

Who wouldn't want that on their wrist?
Who wouldn't want that on their wrist?

The launch of LG's new Prada Phone is coming to Europe in the near future, but it won't be heading to 3, our sources have confirmed.

However, Orange will be bringing the handset to the masses, so no need to worry on that front there. Also, Phones4U has managed to bag the device before the New Year, but The Carphone Warehouse will be picking it up soon after.

Free as a bird (on contract)

It is expected Orange will offer the handset free on a £35 a month tariff, meaning that lovers of the fashion brand will be able to get their hands on the QWERTY-toting pimped-out touchscreen for not a lot of moolah.

The handset itself is a fairly standard model with some OK specs, as well as the Prada tag (you get the Fall/Winter catalogue as a wallpaper set too... swish).

3.5G connectivity, 5MP camera and DivX playback are among the best parts of the handset, and it also comes with a 'wrist accessory', made of metal and tempered glass, which can be paired with the Bluetooth to alert for incoming calls.

Which is just the touch the fashion-conscious among us have been waiting for, right?