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Amazon Kindle Fire software fix incoming

Amazon Kindle Fire
Nagging complains will be addressed in forthcoming Kindle Fire software update

Amazon has promised a software update for its Kindle Fire tablet, which will attempt to fix a number of nagging complaints from users.

The $200 Amazon Kindle Fire, which has been on sale for less than a month, has been suffering from Wi-Fi reliability issues, navigational sluggishness as well as problems with some of the platform's apps.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to the New York Times: "In less than two weeks, we're rolling out an over-the-air update to Kindle Fire."

Privacy issues sorted

The update, according to the NYT, will also address privacy issues, including the ability to edit and delete items from the list of things you've recently been doing.

That particular piece of functionality, which shows recently browsed apps and documents within the homescreen carousel, has the potential to catch-out many users.

The NYT also reaffirmed popular opinion that the first Kindle Fire will "soon" be superseded by a brand new version.

The newer iteration will probably include functionality left out of the original device in order to get it on sale for Christmas.

Via: New York Times