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Kogan has a crazy 40% off its 365-day prepaid mobile plans

Aussie online retailer and sometimes mobile carrier Kogan announced today that it’s slashing prices on all its Kogan Mobile 90- and 365-day recharges for a limited time, and the price drop is significant.

To get that 40% discount, you need to sign up for the Extra Large 365-day prepaid plan, which includes unlimited local calls and texts and an impressive 14GB of data available per month. It usually costs nearly $520 up front, but this current offer drops that down to just $315.08 (or $26.25 a month) – saving you around $214 (or about 41%) in total.

If you don’t need that much data, there are other smaller (and cheaper) options available. The 90- and 365-day recharge plan with 10GB of data have 20% and 35% off respectively, and the lower-priced 1GB and 5GB data plans carrying between 20% and 30% off.

These discounted plans are available until 31 July, so you’ve got some time to figure out what works best for you.