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Sony offers fixes for PS4 blinking blue light problem

Sony offers fixes for blinking blue light problem
Sony's on the case

Overall we'd say the US PS4 launch went pretty smoothly, but some early adopters have blinking blue lights that indicate problems with hardware or TV connectivity.

The blue light tends to lead to the console shutting down, has been reported by a number of users since the console launched last week.

The issue doesn't appear to be widespread right now, but Sony has offered up a troubleshooting guide to solve the problem for the small unlucky few who are having hassle.

It underlines four causes: TV compatibility, issues with the power supply, issues with the PS4 hard drive, and issues with "other PS4 hardware".


This comes after Sony acknowledged a limited number of North American units had launched with hardware issues, but Sony says that less than 1% of users are experiencing such problems.

The fixes offered include turning off the PS4 completely and disconnecting the power cord, and updating the TV firmware.

Sony also added that it is currently investigating the problem and asks users to assist by submitting information on issue symptoms, TV model details and where the PS4 was purchased from.

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