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Dell goes for retail in US, UK to follow?

Dell hopes its retail strategy will take it back to the number one spot

Dell has announced plans to sell its PCs through retail stores. Initially, the PCs will be available through Wal-Mart in North America, but Dell spokesman Bob Pearson hinted that the strategy would be repeated elsewhere.

"In the coming quarters, there will be additional activity in support of this move into global retail," he said.

It follows up the rumours we reported on in March . The move comes as Dell seeks to reclaim its number one spot in global PC sales and reverse recent poor results - by its standards, at least.

Dell has traditionally relied on direct selling by phone and web. The company has previously shunned retail, but the market has now forced it to reevaluate. It seems Dell's top 10 markets could follow and it's sure to include some store presence in the UK at some point.

"Today's announcement with Wal-Mart represents our first step. Stay tuned," Pearson added.