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BT's four-fold broadband boost

Your broadband connection may be about to get a whole lot faster thanks to BT's Sharedband software suite

You could soon be in for faster broadband speeds as BT Wholesale is to begin selling a broadband-boosting software application to ISPs.

The Sharedband software suite uses multiple lines to improve the performance of broadband connections in the UK. The lines can be added together to boost broadband speeds by up to four times the current speed for uploads and downloads.

"Using Sharedband means that two 2Mbps lines will perform as one connection of up to 4Mbps, four 2Mbps lines will deliver up to 8Mbps and so on," Paul Evans, Sharedband's chief executive, told ZDnet.

Transforming upload speeds

"Crucially, the upload speeds will also be transformed. Working with BT will provide us with tremendous market awareness and scalability to meet the expected demand fuelled by new online applications, especially where upstream bandwidth is needed."

The multiple line set-up would also make your broadband connection more robust as there would always be a back-up line in case one breaks down.

Sharedband will be offered to all BT's ISP customers, who in turn can roll the service out to broadband users across the UK.