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Spark Radio iPhone app promises 30,000 stations

Spark Radio on iPhone - the ultimate pocket radio?
Spark Radio on iPhone - the ultimate pocket radio?

While there are a number of internet radio apps already available for the iPhone, the new Spark Radio iPhone app that launches this week is by far the king of the crop to date.

You can get Spark Radio for £3.49 over at the iPhone App Store, and the app is basically a collection of around 10,000 internet radio stations from across the world.

The developers promise that this will grow to around 30,000 stations by April.

Web-browser within

All the stations can be accessed via the web from anywhere via your iPhone on either a Wi-Fi or 3G connection (or via your iPod Touch, but only Wi-Fi).

The app is the work of two iPhone developers - Handcast and RadioTime, a company that provides radio content and tools.

You can search for your stations via genres and various other categories and Spark Radio also has a handy GPS feature which simply displays the stations near you.

Save stations as favourites and, should you wish to surf the net while listening in, there is even a web-browser within the app, something that the celebrated Spotify iPhone app was sorely missing.

Seems they have thought of almost everything.,