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We live for tech at TechRadar. But we also live for music, and Amazon Prime Day 2020 has had many in the office thinking about picking up old hobbies once again. Top of the list? Musical instruments.

Pretty much everyone has picked up a guitar or tapped at a keyboard at some point in their lives, but few follow through to actually learning how to play an instrument properly. The barrier to entry is usually price – musical instruments can be expensive, and that's before you take into account tuition and study aides. And hairspray, for all you 80s hair metal rockers out there.

Amazon Prime Day is the perfect opportunity to scratch that musical itch. There are instruments of all shapes and sizes, some tech filled, some analogue and acoustic, ready to be picked up at cut prices. We've rounded up some of the best offers aimed at beginners looking to start their musical journeys.

There aren't many big name brands on this list – Fender, Pearl, Yamaha - as they rarely feel the need to enter into big discount sales because their names sell themselves. And so the instruments here may not have quite the level of polish as their pricier counterparts.

However, that's not necessarily a bad thing – an £800 guitar is a huge investment, and what if you decide you don't like playing it? These cheap and cheerful beginner sets will give you a taste for the instrument of choice, and let you decide later on if you want to invest a bit more cash into your new creative endeavour.

Best musical instrument deals for Amazon Prime Day

Alesis Turbo Mesh electronic drum kit:

Alesis Turbo Mesh electronic drum kit: £259 now £188.99
Playing drums can be noisy business, so take the strain off your neighbours with an electronic drum kit. This one includes hundreds of sounds and play-along tracks to help you learn. 

RockJam RJ761-SK keyboard:

RockJam RJ761-SK keyboard: £129.99 now £74.99
This 61-key shortscale keyboard comes with everything a beginner needs to start learning, including a stand, sustain pedal, headphones and even a little stool. Won't be needing that once you're channelling your inner Jerry Lee Lewis though!

Rockjam full size electric guitar starter kit:

Rockjam full size electric guitar starter kit: £123.17 now £86.99
With an amp, string changing kit, tuner, case and even a stand, this is everything a budding guitarist needs to get going their journey to Stairway to Heaven mastery.

Artall 39-inch acoustic guitar kit:

Artall 39-inch acoustic guitar kit: £69.99 now £55
Prefer things a little folkier? Try this acoustic guitar starter kit, complete with picks, tuner, strap, strings and gig bag. Note that it's a shorter scale, so might be better for smaller hands.

Tiger Full Size acoustic guitar:

Tiger Full Size acoustic guitar: £56.95 now £42.05
If you need a larger guitar and don't mind missing out on the Artall's extras, try this full size strummer from Tiger, which comes in an attractive sunburst shade.

Donner Soprano Ukulele:

Donner Soprano Ukulele: £45.99 now £35.99
Channel your inner George Formby with this 21-inch ukulele,  complete with strap, picks, tuner and gig bag. You'll be cleaning windows in no time...

RockJam bongos with bag:

RockJam bongos with bag: £29.99 now £21.99
A real beginners instrument – just tap away to play at the bongos, and eventually the rhythm will find you and you'll be a beat master. This set comes with a small padded bag for travel.

Rocket MAE02 electro acoustic mandolin:

Rocket MAE02 electro acoustic mandolin: £95.99 now £75.99
That REM 'Losing my Religion' riff? That's a mandolin. They're typically quite pricey instruments, so take a punt on this electro acoustic model to amplify your tunes, too.

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