Samsung to buy webOS?

Fanning the rumour fire with ex-HP exec hire

Samsung is reportedly mulling over whether or not to buy webOS, the beleagured Palm-created mobile OS that HP recently as good as cut loose.

Although Samsung has declined to comment on the rumours, Digitimes reports that its 'sources from notebook players' say that the company wants to buy the OS in order to compete directly with Apple and Google.

The rumour has been fuelled by Samsung's appointment of HP's ex-vice president of its personal systems group, Raymond Wah.

A likely story

After comments from Samsung's chairman Lee Kun-hee responding to Google's purchase of Motorola, we can't say we'd be surprised to see the company make a major software acquisition.

He told execs that "[Samsung] must… more actively seek mergers and acquisitions" and accept that "IT power is moving away from hardware companies such as Samsung to software companies."

It didn't do much for HP, but could webOS be just the ticket for Samsung in the great mobile OS arms race?

We're not convinced; but we don't doubt that picking up webOS has been discussed by the Korean company. It could happen - but that doesn't mean that it will.


From Digitimes


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