Video: Top 10 free iPhone apps

Moving pictures 1, the written word 0

We're partying like it's the 1890s* here at TechRadar, rocking out with some moving pictures showcasing our top 10 free iPhone apps.

That's right; we've waded through the App Store to fish out the best of the best and then turned them into a video so you don't even need to scroll through the page or anything.

While you're probably familiar with the number one app, perhaps you're less well acquainted with TonePad, a graphical digital music toy, in at number nine, or alternative e-book app Stanza, our fourth greatest free iPhone app?

So peruse the video below at your leisure and, once you've stocked up on the top ten apps, head over to our top 40 best free iPhone apps rundown for a few more gems.

*invention of the moving image, you guys



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