Here's what we think the Apple iWatch will look like

Apple watch: an iPod shuffle on a strap, basically

The Apple iWatch is far from confirmed but the sheer number of rumours relating to this mythical gadget have our curiosity well and truly piqued.

Since it's Friday, we pored over all the rumours, speculation and wish lists that have emerged so far and put together this 3D render to show what the Apple watch could look like.

As well as showing off the looks, we've speculated about functionality; we reckon there'll be a dinky Lightning connector port for charging as well as super-speedy data transfer.

Getting Siri-ous

We'd also be surprised if Siri didn't get involved somehow, and would expect connectivity to your iPhone so you can make and receive calls from the watch's interface as standard.

Have a butcher's at the video for yourself and let us know if you think we're spot on or hilariously wide of the mark in the comments below.


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