Samsung announces OLED-touting cameras

New WB series houses super-sharp screen technology

Samsung entered a brave new world today, with the announcement that its new WB550 and WB100 range of cameras are the first compacts on the market to house a 3.0-inch VGA AMOLED screen.

And the reason for using OLED tech instead of a normal LCD? Better contrast and a brighter screen will help when shooting in both bright sunlight and dark conditions, according to the bods at Samsung.

HD shooting

The WB100 is equipped with a 5x optical zoom and 24mm ultra-wide lens, while its bedfellow (the WB550) doubles the optical zoom to 10x.

Both cameras are 12MP, and can capture movie footage in HD – with the ability to pause and re-record in one clip, something that Samsung has patented.

Both cameras boast full manual controls, and offer aperture priority and shutter priority.

If you prefer the camera to do things for you, then there's Smile mode, Blink Detection mode and Beauty Shot mode to make sure you take the perfect shot – or at least one where people look pretty and are smiling with their eyes open.

Both available from April, the WB550 is available in black and dark grey, and is priced at £299; the WB100 is available in black and silver, and is priced at £329.


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