T-Mobile cancels showcase in Hurricane Sandy's wake

Another one bites the dust

Another New York City event was cancelled Monday due to Hurricane Sandy.

T-Mobile was forced to shut down a 7 p.m. EDT showcase due to the weather, promising to contact invitees when a new date is locked down.

Google was slated to debut some new Android devices, like the Nexus 10, LG Nexus 4 and perhaps even Android 4.2 earlier in the morning, but cancelled that event.

It was much less clear what T-Mo had planned for its soiree, though chances are the carrier would have revealed pricing and availability for devices in its fall lineup, including Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Safety first

Sandy has slammed into the Eastern Seaboard, causing flooding and bringing life to a standstill for millions in its path.

According to the New York Times, the storm is strengthening as it heads north and will bring a wake of devastation as it touches down in more than six Northeastern states.

Google and T-Mobile smartly postponed the companies' respective events, putting public safety ahead of a publicity opportunity.

TechRadar will continue to stay on top of Google and T-Mobile's plans and provide updates if and when more information becomes available.

Until then, stay safe, East Coast.

From The New York Times


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