Tesco Mobile blocking iPhone Wi-Fi hotspots

But plans afoot to add functionality in

Tesco Mobile is currently blocking the portable hotspot feature in the new iOS 4.3 for the iPhone 4.

The update, which was revealed at the same time as the iPad 2, lets users send their data allowance from their phone via Wi-Fi signal.

However, some TechRadar readers complained the portable hotspot feature wasn't there on their Tesco Mobile-powered iPhone 4, despite updating to the new iOS.

Coming soon

We spoke to Tesco, which confirmed that as it doesn't support iPhone tethering it hasn't enabled the portable Wi-Fi hotspot feature either:

"Tesco Mobile doesn't currently support the functionality for personal Wi-Fi spots but plans to be able to introduce this soon for customers," said the spokesperson.

The source didn't confirm whether the new feature will cost anything extra to users though, something most other networks are doing to the ire of its customer base.


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