Samsung unveils 'new' mobile running Windows Phone 7 Series

Not just LG in the game any more

Samsung has joined its Korean rival LG by showing off a mobile running Windows Phone 7 Series.

At the recent MIX2010 event, Samsung executives were on hand to chat about the new Windows Phone 7 Series - but they had a little surprise waiting as well.

IntoMobile managed to snag one of the suits and ask about the company's plans for the new Windows Phone 7 Series OS - and it just so happened that they had a phone on hand to show it off.


But here's the interesting part - what was shown off appears to be a Samsung i8910HD (with new button icons) running Microsoft's new mobile OS.

This makes us think that the company simply wanted to have some device to match LG - and the phone showed off won't be the final release.

Of course, it could be that the i8910HD is the perfect chassis for WPS7 - after all, you'd only need to up the resolution slightly and increase the processor speed and the rest is taken care of.

Via IntoMobile


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