Samsung's Bada-Tizen merge on hold?

Duo yet to confirm the deal

Samsung has changed tack slightly on the reports of the proposed merger of its own Bada operating system and the open source Tizen project.

The Korean giant has come out to say it is yet to make a firm decision on the possible merger.

This may scupper the rumours of a Samsung Tizen handset being released this year - hints of it being the I9500 - if Samsung decide not to go ahead with the deal.

Bizen? Tida? – maybe it just won't work

Samsung could be having second thoughts on success of any possible deal, after reviewing the failure of the MeeGo OS, itself a merge of Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin systems.

Bada is currently used in the Wave 3 produced by Samsung, which comes in below its Android devices, as an affordable and 'more simple' smartphone.

Tizen on the other hand, is yet to have any exposure in the mobile phone world, so it's difficult to say how well it will fare.

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