Samsung launches Anycall Haptic phone that touches you back

Anycall Haptic phone provides you with feedback vibrations

The age-old problem with touchscreen technology is that you often don't know whether or not you've actually registered a keypress. On old phones it's easy - you feel the key being depressed - but with touchscreen you rely heavily on visual feedback on the screen itself.

Samsung is one of the companies overcoming this issue by creating handsets that give haptic feedback. Its new Anycall Haptic phones (SCH-W420 and SPH-W4200) let you know what you're doing by vibrating in different ways when you do different things.

In total there are 22 different kinds of physical haptic feedback that the handsets give, which makes the touchscreen handsets easier to use.

Samsung has the answer

Other companies like LG have already launched phones like this – including here in the UK – but the new Samsung phones are the most advanced yet, in the way that they give different feedback at different times.

Sadly though, they're only launching in Korea for now, and there's no word of when or if they'll make it into British waters.

Other than the haptic vibrations,the phones also have a 3.2-inch screen, 2MP camera and digital TV reception – a requisite in South Korea these days.


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